Who we Are

Established in 1916 by Mohammad Ibrahim, Leader Group of companies is one of the oldest family running business in Dubai. It has gradually diversified from General Trading to Distribution and Retail of Sports and Fitness brands.

Leader Group is also engaged with Real Estate developments, Hospitality, Manufacturing and acquisition of shareholdings.

Presently, the group is owned and managed by Mr. Tayeb Mohammad Ibrahim, proprietor of the group, well experienced businessman whose expertise paved the way for the group to be in the limelight of export and import giants in the UAE.

His sons, Mr. Samir Tayeb, Mr. Abdul Raheem Tayeb and Mr. Suhail Tayeb are also active in diversifying the different departments of the group to bring progress and excellence.

Leader Group of companies is on a fast track in moving forward towards manufacturing, developing, distributing and retailing high quality services and products to its consumers.

Chairman's Message

Leader Group of companies is one of the oldest family running business Dubai. 2016 promises to be an incredibly exciting year for Leader Group of companies as we celebrate our 100-year journey from General Trading to regions leading Distribution and Retail of Sports and Fitness brands.

Sharing in Dubai’s history, it was wholly deserted place. We had a business in Al Ras area back in 1916 and by the grace of God we have reached this point with many diversifications in our businesses. It has successfully embarked upon a major diversification program aimed at developing industries and commercial enterprises and have become leading position in the world of real estate. Leader Group has played its part in developing new investment dimensions through genuine business concepts and high quality products and services in the MENA region and abroad by contributing to the rise of one of the world’s most vibrant cities in the world.

Mr. Tayeb Mohammad Ibrahim

Executive Vice-Chairman's Message

Speaking from third generation point of view I am delighted to share with you almost a century of achievements. Since our Great Grandfather Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim founded the company in 1916, the values of integrity and entrepreneurship, as well as a relentless dedication to service by a group of the most competent people, have been our keys to growth.

Together with my father, brothers and a core group of devoted, talented professional managers and team members, we ventured into Distribution & Retail of Sports and Fitness brands, Manufacturing, Fitness Equipments, Real Estate developments, Trading of Commodities & Chemicals, Manufacturing of Smart devices, Hospitality and Investments. We went about building on a vision with passion, perseverance and integrity.

In tough and challenging times for the Middle East as well as the global economy, Leader Group of Companies has retained its role and function focused on preserving the family name and its cultural and social values taking into consideration the creative approach and new initiatives brought by the young generation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Almighty God and His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, all our clients and partners for their long-term loyalty and support. On behalf of the whole team of Leader Group of Companies, I invite you to join us for our centennial 100 years of dedication, reputation and success.

Mr. Samir Tayeb Mohammad
Executive Vice-Chairman

Board Of Directors

Mr. Tayeb Mohammad Ibrahim
Chairman, Leader Group
Mr. Samir Tayeb Mohammad
Executive Vice-Chairman, Leader Group
Mr. Abdul Raheem Tayeb Mohammad
Head Of Legal Affairs, Leader Group
Mr. Bader Samir Tayeb
Executive Director
Mr. Suhail Tayeb Mohammad
Director of Real Estate, Leader Group